veteran musician Felix and Moses has died at the age of 49

Musician Moses Ochie, of the popular 90s music group, Fellyx & Mozzyx, has died after a 7 year battle with kidney failure. He was just 49.


He died on Saturday night June 16th at his home while he was preparing for a kidney transplant and hip bone replacement surgery.


Moses was diagnosed of the chronic kidney ailment 7 years ago and he had been dealing with it and even had a kidney transplant a few years ago which later failed. Unfortunately he lost his battle two nights ago.


His bandmate and friend Felix Eiremiokhae took to Facebook to pay his last respects. He wrote,

“So sad but with thankfulness to God for the life he gave to our brother, Moses.

It was a seven year battle with kidney issues and for seven years he fought both here in Nigeria and in India where he successfully did a transplant which later failed with complications and he fought to the last day .

In 1991, he sang “I wanna be free”, wanting to be free and today, he is free from all the troubles of this sinful world. RIP Moses (FELLYX & MOZZYX) the late 80’s/90’s pop musical group. I believe the angels are smiling welcoming you home with open arms.”

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