Money Ritual Church is now opened In Ghana

A self-acclaimed man of God who claims his name is Sika Bofoo has reportedly launched a money ritual church in Ghana.

The man of God who boasts of his ability to conjure money from the air is the founder and leader of Jesus Favour Chapel International located in Takoradi in the Western region, PulseNG reports.

It appears another controversial pastor in the country Bishop Daniel Obinim has got a challenger. Daniel Obinim has done many things that have condemnations, the latest of which was his acclaimed turning of stone into gold in his church.

But this latest man of God, Sika Bofoↄ says he has the key to ending poverty and can conjure money from ‘heaven’.

Reports say he actually commanded money from ‘heaven’ on Friday, his birthday and asked congregants to bring empty sacks to fetch the bank notes away.

In a video, which has since gone viral since it hit the Internet, members of the Church could be seen rushing to pack wads on money on the church floor and so many scenes are featured in the video in which the pastor is seen performing miracles on his members and at the same time spraying cash as though he is in a party.

Just as some people will say, this is the End Time and only time will tell the new set of ‘men of God’ that will be emerging soon.

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