England players rocks all night in a strip club night to be fit for their game against Russia

England will play Belgium today but the players experience sleepless night as their hotel is moved very close to a popular strip club in Russia. Some of the players have said to have gone there to entertain themselves on night before their last group match. Well England players rock in a strip club and forget the stress of facing Belgium.

Although the officials in english club have question how a football team hotel will move close a strip club where the noise and erotic message disturb the players.

England players rock in a strip club

England players rock in a strip club

The England hotel is located in Kaliningrad, as their hotel is right next to a strip club on a noisy street in the city centre.

Local business­­man Ivan Torbinski said: “I can’t bel­­ieve a football team would choose to stay here the night before the game.

“This will be a very busy and noisy area until well after midnight. Pobedy Square is the obvious place for fans to congregate and drink into the night.

“The strip club only opened recently and is very popular. Many of the hotel rooms overlook it.”

Maxim VIP “striptease club and strip bar” offers erotic massages until 6am. It has even hired seven extra ladies to meet possible demand from Three Lions fans.

The venue boasts of “topless private massage and other exciting surprises”, and has special offers for England supporters.

A spokesman added: “Everyone knows the distinguishing feature of our club is touring girls from all over Russia and neighbouring countries.”

Outside, lorries and buses thunder by on the highway. On the other side of the 178-room hotel, which has rooms from £75 per night, is a cobbled street, on which passing vehicles make a racket.

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