Fulani Plots To Colonize Nigeria: Pastor Paul Adefarasin

Pastor Paul Adefarasin has reacted to the recent killings in the country by Fulani Herdsmen.

During a recent church service, Pastor Adefarasin revealed that the recent attacks were basically a land grab by the Fulanis who were invited from Senegal and Guinea where they have not been allowed to rule.

He added that the Fulani have been invited to take over our land to continue the colonization that Usman Danfodio began.

He also lamented over the history of Nigeria that has been erased from the libraries and education system, adding that it was true Usman Dan fodio was the first Mahdi, Ahmadu Bello was the second Mahdi and the third was a certain ‘gentleman’ who had a ruthless history was the third Mahdi.

He finalized by saying that no Mahdi will actualize the plans of the Fulani to colonize Nigeria ever again.

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