popular Pastor’s Son Commits Suicide After His fiancee Got Engaged to another man

A man identified as Able Anthony Ayinza, who has been living in the US, reportedly committed suicide after his girlfriend got engaged to another man.

The news and the pictures of his girlfriend’s engagement ceremony went viral — close friends told the US local media that “he became depressed” and the situation was “quite difficult for him”.

Ayinza said to be the son of a Ugandan pastor reportedly committed suicide and his body was found at a state cemetery in Massachusetts, US, where he was currently living.

“The woman is said to be a US citizen as well. She returned to Uganda recently to visit her family but the fact is that she had planned to get married to her other lover. This left him (Ayinza) really reeling,” USA media reports

His family says “we cannot pin anyone” because “police are still investigating the real cause of death”.

“Until police furnish us with full details, we cannot pin anyone. But all I can confirm is that Ayinza is dead and his body is in police hands,” pastor of a church where Abel was being nurtured said.

It was alleged that the woman in question was also a United States citizen who left the country recently on grounds of checking on her family only to re surface in an engagement with another lover.

The woman in question remains unidentified although a photo alleged to have been gotten from the now deceased Ayinza’s phone shows her sitting next to the jilted lover. This is believed to have been taken on their engagement which left the pastors son heart broken prompting him to end his promising life.

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