i think i need help; i find it difficult to lie with my front because of my big boobs

A 24-year-old woman has complained that she cannot sleep on her front because of her massive boobs.

Project assistant, Nadia Sofia Nahir is a plastic surgery-obsessed woman and has had multiple surgeries to plump up her breasts. She claims she’s had 1,100 ml implants added to her chest to give her a mega-sized 34JJ boobs.

But her new boobs come with problems. Such as the inability to use the London Underground during rush hour.  Nadia says her extreme curves mean she struggles to squeeze onto the tube in rush hour.




Nadir began having surgery when she was 20 and has so far had multiple surgeries to plump up her breasts.

Nadia said: “I know that I stand out from a lot of people, especially in London, which can be difficult, but I love the enhanced fake, feminine shape.

“Standing out is a good thing, I want to look like a modern goddess, like Kim Kardashian for example. I’m only about halfway through what I want done.




“I would love my boobs to be even bigger again and to enlarge my bum some more. There are some things I can’t do anymore, or are uncomfortable. Sleeping or lying on my front I can’t do anymore or running over a short distance. I also try not to use the Underground much now and especially not at rush hour times.”

Besides having two breast enlargements, Nadia has also had a Brazilian Butt Lift, she has lip fillers every 3-4 months and she has permanent hair removal.

In total, she has spent approximately £15,000 on procedures.

(Photo credit: (Daily Mirror)



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