Four witch doctors arrested with human parts and calabashes filled with blood (Photos)

Authorities have arrested four witch doctors over alleged ritual killing in Nagalama, Uganda.

The witch doctors Junior Kibuuka, Fred Kiiza Semanda, Wamala Muhammed and Owen Sebuyungo were arrested after a disappearance report was filed at Nagalama Police Station, by relatives of one Mirembe Zuraika. 


Confirming the arrests, Jesca Naawe, the Assistant Superintendent of Police said: “They tipped off police that she had been last communicated of her appointment with one Owen Sebuyungo, a 24-year-old witch doctor.”

Four witch doctors arrested with pots of human blood and body parts (Photos)

In his statement, Sebuyungo narrated that Mirembe visited his shrine for help since she had been possessed by spirits. Sebuyungo reportedly then contacted his spiritual consultant, a renowned witch doctor, Mohammed Wamala alias Bob who persuaded him to murder the victim.

According to Sebuyungo, Mohammed told him that he would double his wealth if he cut off the head of a female being.

ASP Nawe also disclosed that the four witch doctors have confessed to the heinous act and even led police to their shrine where they murdered and buried the victim.

At the shrine, he said Police exhumed five bodies and recovered a number of items that include spears and pots filled with fresh blood suspected to be human blood.

He revealed: “Upon thorough questioning, the four confessed to having welcomed Mirembe at the shrine, waited for dawn, murdered her by cutting off and buried her head in the shrine.”

“The suspects accepted to cooperate leading police to the shrine where she had been buried. Shockingly five bodies buried in a rather disturbing positions were exhumed.”

Four witch doctors arrested with pots of human blood and body parts (Photos)

The search is still going on. We suspect more bodies must still be buried under the remaining five shrines,” ASP. Naawe said.

One of the suspects,  Wamala Muhammed told police he murdered and buried eight females from his home in Ganda Nansana at the shrine

Four witch doctors arrested with pots of human blood and body parts (Photos)

According to Uganda’s Galaxy FM, blood samples have been picked and taken to Government Analytical Laboratory (GAL), while the recovered bodies that had decomposed beyond recognition have been taken to Mulago hospital for DNA test so that the relatives can identify them.

The four suspects are currently detained at Nagalama Police Station as investigations are ongoing.
Four witch doctors arrested with pots of human blood and body parts (Photos)

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