Saraki must be lawfully and democratically impeached – adams Oshiomhole

Adams Oshiomhole has said that the Senate President would be impeached by APC lawmakers in the Senate – He said Bukola Saraki would be democratically and legally impeached – According to Oshiomhole, a lawmaker of the minority party cannot lead the Senate The national chairman of the All Progressives Congress (APC), Adams Oshiomhole, has said that the Senate President would be legally impeached. Oshiomhole said the ruling party has resolved to explore every legal means to ensure the impeachment of Bukola Saraki. Speaking at the meeting with lawmakers of the National Assembly, the national chairman of the ruling party said Saraki would be impeached and replaced with a loyal party member. Punch reports that Oshiomhole also promised legislators loyal to the party that the APC under his leadership would reward loyalty.  He said the APC’s reward system would be one that would ensure that those who stood with the party in trying times did not regret it. Oshiomhole said: “High turnover of legislators is not a value to be celebrated. What we should celebrate is experience which cannot be read in books, but can only be acquired on the job. “I want to reassure you that we will do everything possible to change the old narrative of heavy turnover every four years and the politics of ‘you have done enough’ will change over time for the good of Nigeria and for the sustenance of democracy,” Oshiomhole said.  He also informed the APC lawmakers that it was an aberration to allow an individual who is a member of a minority party to preside over members of the party in the majority. “Democracy teaches us that the minority have the right to have their say but the majority must have their way. “So, if we have 56 senators and they have 49 senators, I insist that 49 senators cannot preside over the affairs of a house in which the APC has 56 senators. And I ask them to tell us anywhere in the world where the minority rules over the majority,” Oshiomhole said. “Often times, we take flights to Washington and other places to understudy the American presidential system of government. “Once you lose the majority, without further ado, you step down. Let me restate that we cannot be subjected to minority rule in the Nigerian Senate and, therefore, whether it is convenient for Distinguished Senator Saraki or not, the truth is whether by morality or by law or by convention, Senator Saraki can only avoid impeachment by toeing the path of honour, step down so that the APC can take over the leadership of the House. “I want to repeat, Senator Saraki as President of the Senate will be lawfully and democratically impeached. It will not be illegally done. It will be done according to law and tradition,” the APC national chairman added.  Meanwhile, previously reported that the Kwara state chapter of the APC had urged Saraki to resign his position as the Senate President. The APC said since the office of the Senate president is exclusively reserved for the party with majority members in the Senate, Saraki must be relieved of his duty. The chairman of the Kwara state chapter of the APC, Bashir Bolarinwa said the Senate president should toe the path of honour and stop heating up the polity unduly.

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